Minors! Make your real estate loan cheaper in delegation

Loan insurance: get insurance adapted to the profession of miner

The job of miner

The job of miner

Exercising his job in a mine, the minor holes drilled, extracted from the ore and performs MMH consisting loading the mined ore in vehicles provided for this purpose. The work he does is painful and dangerous.

Loan Insurance – Aggravated Risk

Loan Insurance - Aggravated Risk

When subscribing to a home loan, it is also necessary to guarantee it by taking out loan insurance. This aims to secure the loan throughout its duration by allowing the assumption of reimbursement by the insurer in case of death, disability or incapacity of the borrower. The borrowers are not obliged to take out the group insurance offered by the lender because they can opt for the mortgage loan insurance of their choice under the condition that the guarantees it presents are equivalent to those of the group contract. This device allows everyone to find a less expensive loan insurance that will respond appropriately to their situation.

The problem related to the risks of the minor

As a high-risk miner, it can be part of the “exclusions” of insurance contracts or may lead to special conditions, which means that you have to pay more.

Use a broker to reduce the cost of your loan insurance! The insurance expert ready can offer you the cheapest offers on the market that best fit your situation.



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